Top Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika Di 47 Rx

Sonalika Tractor is one of the Emerging tractor brands in India. It is also the 3rd largest tractor manufacturing company in the country. Here are some of the best Sonalika tractors 1) Sonalika DI 47 RX which is a 50 HP tractor with a Lifting Capacity of 1800 Kg ideal for heavy work. 2) Sonalika DI 745 III is 50 HP tractor with a modernized look and powerful engine to deliver performance in agricultural applications and haulage. 3) Sonalika DI 42 RX is 42 HP tractor which has a reservoir overflow for the radiator so that there is no need to fill coolant again. 4)  Sonalika DI 50 RX is a 52 HP tractor made for the high-performance tractor best for Agriculture purpose. 5) Sonalika DI 35 Rx is a 39 HP tractor with a High Torque Backup and High Fuel Efficiency. For more information on Sonalika tractor price, Specifications and best deals visit tractorguru.


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